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Selected Large Works

Robin Mason, The Funfair and the Altarpiece, 2009-2013, oil and acrylic on five panels, 274 x 266cm - installation shot from Carl Kostyal Gallery 2019 .jpeg

The Funfair and the Altarpiece 2009-2013 Oil and Acrylic on Board (5 panels) 274x366cm

 * Installation shot at 'Fingertips" curated by Oli Epp at Carl Kostyal Gallery 2019


Search and Journey 2009-2013 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas (4 panels) 274x366cm


After the Love Parade (Duisburg 2010) 2011/2012 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 270x540 (8 panels) 


After the Rhine Journey 2011, 2012-2013 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 210x360cm

* Installation shot at 'Why are the Roses so Pale' Hangar18 Brussels 2014


 Deutsche Schuld (after the poem by Gabriel Gbadamosi ) 2019 Neon, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas) 300x480cm


The Artists Jacket after Colmar 1996 Oil on Linen 210x180cm 


 Installation shot of variable installation - acrylic on sheets of watercolour paper  2018 Constellation : Konstellation, Gig Munich, Germany

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